Help children and adults with Neurodiversity

Our recent speaker, Jennifer Dantzler, opened our hearts and minds when she shared her expertise and devotion to helping children and adults by creating inclusive communities for people with neurodiversity through education and engagement is inspirational!
On April 21, 2002, Including Kids, Inc. opened its doors with the goal of service children with autism and related disorders using the principals of Applied Behavior Analysis.
As clients at Including Kids began transitioning into adulthood, it was apparent that more services were needed to address the clients’ needs. Originally, Including Kids had a service line for young adults, The Center for Community Inclusion, which began in 2015 as an extension of our current ABA intensive services.  With autism affecting 1 in 44 children, the need is great. The need for transition services is even greater. After many years of work and effort, it was clear that a young adult services brand needed to be created…and so, in 2022, thus is formed Inspire ND.
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