Perhaps you’ve noticed that vines are overtaking the Livable Forest. Several of Kingwood's Trail Associations and Community Associations are banding together to replenish trees the vines and drought have killed.
In an effort to do our part to help our beautiful community by supporting and protecting our environment, Kingwood Rotary is participating in a matching grant for four trees to be planted, and watered for 2-years.  With this matching grant, a total of eight trees will be planted and cared for.
Click here to read article in The Tribune about this project.
The project, Trees for Kingwood, will be overseen by the Kingwood Service Association and involves clearing an area of vines, planting, watering, and caring for the trees for two years.
The Bear Branch Trail Association conducted a pilot project last year, planting 40 trees and because it provided care for the trees, 100% have survived.
What's the plant that is causing this damage to our trees?  Like so many other communities, the Air Potato Vines are the largest part of Kingwood's problems with the loss of our precious trees.    Not only are they not native here, they’re now labeled as an invasive – and worse – a noxious weed here.  These vines grow up to 8-inches each day and grow up into the top of the tree and prevents the trees from getting sunshine. Invasive means they grow so well that they harm native plants and damage local ecosystems. Noxious means that introduction, possession, propagation and movement is prohibited by law unless you have a permit.