We have a vision of what’s possible for our neighbors. We mobilize other leaders and experts to take action and see it through!
We're People of Action!

Welcome to Kingwood Rotary!

We're proud to welcome you to our global community of more than 1.2 million people dedicated to building a better world.  Just like you, Rotarians are people of action!

You make Rotary stronger. By adding your skills, experience, and enthusiasm to your club, you can advance communities at home and on a global scale. Together, we can eradicate polio, train more skilled peacemakers, and provide lasting solutions for communities fighting disease, hunger, illiteracy, and poverty.

Through the Rotary community, you can exchange ideas and build lifelong friendships with like-minded people.  Take advantage of the resources and activities through your club, district, and Rotary International to make your experience with Rotary both rewarding, and fun!

How do I start?

First, create a "My Rotary Account" (click for Q&A about this account) on the Rotary International website, www.Rotary.org.  Many of the document links below can only be accessed by a Rotary member, so please take about 5-minutes to create you account.  Click here for how-to instructions for creating your account.

Get the most out of your membership by participating in club projects and activities. 

Here are some ideas:

  • Create your "My Rotary" account at www.Rotary.org so you can gain access to sections of the website that are only accessible to Rotarians.  Click here for how-to instructions for creating your account.
  • Serve on a club committee where you can use your skills
  • Identify a need in your community and suggest a hands-on project to address it
  • Work with a youth service program sponsored by your club, such as  or 
  • Host a  student
  • Help organize or volunteer at your district’s  (RYLA) Camp programs
  • Recommend a colleague or friend for membership in your club

How can I meet other Rotarians? 

Rotary’s global network provides a great opportunity to expand your contacts and friendships to other countries while creating a foundation of support with communities around the world.

Explore Rotary’s global opportunities:

Resources & reference

Note:  Some of the links below will require you to login to your "My Rotary" account at www.Rotary.org
Click here for how-to instructions for creating your account.


Rotary support - Talk to:

  • Your sponsor
  • Your fellow club members
  • Our Club Committees